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11/11 Mooney Work

If you have been struggling with manifesting what you want to, there could be a number of reasons

1. It isn’t our time yet.

Divine Timing is crucial because we cannot be in kindergarten and expecting to handle calculus!

2. We haven’t taken care of how we began

Just as a good day begins with us feeling good and vice versa, starting a manifesting process requires our energies to be happy, peaceful, excited or at the very least, calm and neutral

A time of worry and desperation cannot bring the life of our dreams

3. We don’t know the correct words or system to use or are using too many

Vision boards, journaling, intention, belief systems, affirmations, the law of attraction… there are many options available! Do you know which is best for you? 

4. We don’t have the space to receive.

Think of life as a cupboard. If your cupboard is full right now, what more will you be able to put in?

We often miss out the importance of making space to receive by releasing, clearing and physically de-cluttering.

5. The correct days to be doing the work. 

Oh yes, there are perfect days every month to do the work required! 

Hint, it has to do with moon phases of waxing and waning!

Our Earth’s monthly cycle is a perfect balance of releasing, resting, planning (14 days of waning feminine phase of the moon) and action, receiving, doing (14 days of waxing masculine phase of the moon) i.e imagine understanding how to use these and be supported in our work with celestial power 


The waning/decreasing cycle leads to the new moon and the increasing/waxing cycle leads to the full moon and so when we use these special days of power too, we end up aligning with the moon cycle, harmonising our systems and are blessed with cosmic support! 

Think about it – will working with the moon make us more powerful or will working against it do so? 

Think you got the answer! 

Presenting the world’s first ever Mooney work program where we use the waning cycle to clear blockages and the waxing cycle to invite and welcome money 

All in the comfort of your home as you will receive powerful Money Phrases (NOT affirmations, ACTUAL phrases that bring shifts IN SECONDS!) on email everyday

These peoples shifted the way they work with money just by aligning with the moon cycle and see what happened!

★Mooney Work in May 2024 (11 days on Telegram plus 2 Calls)★

Mooney Work is the opportunity to be supported in our manifestation work with the Earth’s cosmic cycle!

Be a Mooney worker – Come!

May Mooney Calendar

1. New Moon Call, May 7 2024 at 6.30pm India / 9am ET

New Moons are times of closing down what’s gone and opening New Chapters; The Moon’s New phase heralds our own WHEN we align to it! 

Cleaning our slate and sowing new seeds is the power of this day and we shall use it to clear & cure financial unwellness where we are either not behaving correctly with money or we are sick with the worry and stress of not having enough

Financial well-being is a combination of attitude, habits and family programs so we shall identify which are making us ill and which are making us financially fitter! This will prepare us for our next 11 days of inviting money in!


2. 11 days of INVITING Money from May 11 – 22, 2024

How we do this

1. We choose a particular Decree

2. We write it 11 times in the day’s colour AND in the correct direction (each day’s planet has a power direction) AND the perfect number of times to say and write it

3. We burn it on the Full Moon day (May 23, 2024)

Our dates follow Mooney power with the waxing (Receiving) cycle of the moon so we are supported in our work with Earth’s cosmic cycle!

This is a Telegram and email-only special for 11 days!

3. Full Moon Call, May 23 2024 at 6.30pm India / 9am ET

Full Moons are a completion, a fullness of a phase. Since we would have worked on inviting and welcoming in money for 11 days prior to it, we shall be using The Prosperity Consciousness of Gratitude to ThanksFULL BE for all that has shown up – be it money or insights or guidances. On our call: 

• Increase our Receiving power to maximum (possible only on a Full Moon!)

• Clear whatever may still be remaining from the New Moon call

Marvellous Mooney Work
This will not be available at this pricing again!
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